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17/04/2013 Fmin - A realistic vehicle simulation system

Fmin Numbers, Part 1

The roots of the modern high-density warehouse can be traced back to the invention of the narrow-aisle turret truck. Rather than having to turn to point its forks into the racks like a standard lift truck, the turret truck always faces down the aisle and only uses its pivoting and extending forks to reach into the racks. The resulting economies of motion and space increase storage and retrieval rates (pallets per truck per hour) dramatically, and because the aisle widths are much smaller (6 versus 12 feet), the critical ratio of rack volume to building volume goes up by nearly half. The racks also can be much taller, and because the trucks must be steered by rails or guide wires, the safety and orderliness of the entire operation is greatly improved.

22/03/2013 Superior Floor Flatness and Levelness Control in Europe

Allen Face Europe Started Operations

We seek to implement F-Numbers, a sophisticated concrete floor profiling system Europe-wide for enhancing the concrete flooring industry with a scientific, yet practical floor profile management tool.

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