F-Numbers: the Ultimate Tool for Flat Concrete Floors

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Allen Face, the author of both F-Number systems, answers 44 questions related to floor flatness specification and testing. If you are a floor installer, floor consultant or building owner, you will find useful information on the most advanced and effective concrete floor profiling technology available - and how it absolutely protects the interests of all project participants.

Principal Benefits of the F-Number System

The F-Number system is the world’s foremost method for the specification and control of concrete floor flatness and levelness.
The science behind F-Numbers is sophisticated to the extreme, mathematically rigorous and completely incorruptable.
F-Number floor flatness testing is fast and simple. Any building owner, floor installer or test lab can learn to do it in just a few minutes.

The booklet answers the following questions

  • What are F-Numbers?
  • What does an F-Number Specification promise to the owner?
  • I don’t need floors that are very flat, so why should I worry about F-Numbers?
  • What is wrong with the DIN 18202 and TR34 methods?
  • How does an owner/engineer know what F-Number to specify?
  • How exactly are F-Numbers measured?
  • What if the floor doesn’t meet the specified F-Number?


There is no confusion with this System. Everyone clearly understood what our flatness requirements were. The testing was quick and simple and gave us effective daily quality control during construction.
Owner, Logistics Center
I refuse to take a job where flatness requirements are not specified using F-Numbers. We have found DIN 18202 to be unreliable, unmeasurable, and highly manipulatable. The F-Number System protects us from unwarranted complaints.
Floor Installer