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  • D-METERWalking Floor Profiler
  • Our inexpensive, extremely accurate, and easy-to-operate downloading walking profiler. D-meter® can measure up to 300 meters per hour.

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State-of-the-Art Walking Floor Profiler

For Testing Floor Flatness and Levelness

The world’s pre-eminent authority on floor profiling, author of the two F-number systems, principal inventor of superflat floor technology, and inventor of all of the most widely used electronic floor profilers, Allen Face brings his newest walking floor profiler, the D-Meter®, to the European marketplace.

In 1983 Allen Face invented the original manual Dipstick® and three years later, the self-recording version that remained the standard until the millenium. In 2003, incorporating all that he had learned over the previous two decades, he re-engineered the Dipstick into the D-meter® - the finest walking floor profiler made.

  • Fastest, Most User Friendly Walking Profiler Available
  • Least expensive unit on the market
  • Optional F-min Profileograph Simulation
  • Fully ASTM compliant
  • Extremely Accurate (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Complete self-contained – no external accessories required
  • Will not lose data - ever!
  • Single click downloading into Excel®
  • Works 10 + hours on internal Lithium-Ion pack
  • No batteries to change!
  • Out-of-the-box & ready to go
  • in 60 seconds

D-Meter® Operation

Advanced across the floor by successive rotations about its front foot, the D-Meter walking profiler can measure up to 300 meters per hour. It automatically reads and stores the elevation difference (in mm) between the front and back foot, while simultaneously displaying the difference on the LCD screen. The unit then signals the operator to take the next step by illuminating two LED lamps. The D-Meter® is fully ASTM compliant (E 1155M “F-Numbers”) and will also measure and analyze all the common European floor tolerances (DIN, TR 34, VDMA, etc.) as well as the various road profile tolerances in general use (IRI, RMSVA, California Profilograph, etc).

The D-Meter not only collects surface profile data quickly and accurately, it also provides immediate analysis and presentation of the results. Such immediate feedback is essential during construction to prevent the repetition of any sub-standard results and to direct the contractor towards those installation techniques that are best able to produce the specified flatness and levelness.

After data collection, with just a single mouse click, everything downloads to your PC or laptop. If desired, all the results may also be saved in an Excel® workbook. Using the free Project Management software provided with the instrument, all of the necessary reports are then automatically generated.

The D-Meter Walking Profiler requires no special skills or training to operate (see Instructional Videos). After the instrument is powered up and zeroed , the operator simply uses the 'GO' and 'STOP/ESC' buttons to record the profile runs – each of which can range between 3.6 and 72.0 meters in length. After data collection, the 'PREV RUN' and 'ALL RUNS' buttons are then used to display the results, while the 'STOP/ESC' button permits downloading to PC at any later time.

The D-Meter's memory will retain up to 50 run records. Memory is automatically backed-up so that no data can ever be lost, even if the unit is turned off or the internal power pack fails. This feature eliminates all concerns about data loss.

D-Meter for Testing Fmin

The D-Meter easily measures F-min defined wheel track tolerances on superflat floors. This capability allows any company to measure Fmin with its own equipment and personnel - opening a highly profitable market previously reserved to specialty testing firms.

Areas of Application

Use D-Meter to measure the profile (viz. flatness, levelness, curling, deflection, etc.) of any near-horizontal surface:

  • Random traffic floors
  • Defined traffic floors
  • Elevated slabs
  • Roads
  • Runways
  • Covered floors
  • Ice rinks
  • Gymnasia

In other words, any slab-like surface.

Who Can Use D-Meter®?

D-Meter will be a great asset to:

  • general contractors
  • concrete flatwork contractors
  • testing laboratories
  • transportation agencies
  • lift truck manufacturers
  • floor covering installers

Thank you for your interest in the D-Meter.

Manufactured by Allen Face & Company, USA – Marketed in Europe by Allen Face Europe, Budapest
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