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Allen Face Europe’s business embraces the full range of products and services pertainant to the specification, control and measurement of concrete floor profiles.

We know it is essential that the floor profile be properly specified and routinely measured in order to satisfy the needs of industrial and commercial floor users.

Our technologies have long been standardized (ASTM), institutionalized (ACI), and used worldwide. More than 10 000 instruments (Dipsticks, D-Meters, & F-Meters) are now in the field. Countless projects comprising millions of square meters of floors have been specified using F-Numbers and tested using this equipment.


Our goal is to provide the European concrete flooring industry with the best floor profile specification and control technology available. Drawing upon Allen Face’s three decades of innovation and experience in profile specification and measurement, AFE brings to Europe everything necessary to ensure any concrete floor project’s success.

Europe currently lacks any logical means for controlling the delivered profiles of both random traffic and defined traffic floors. For example, the systems set forth in DIN, TR-34, and VDMA all suffer from debilitating technical and operational defects. In contrast, both the FF/FL and Fmin profile specification systems – coupled with the unique instruments available from AFE - have proven themselves to be fully capable of managing the construction of any class of floor. In addition, these technologies provide both general and flatwork contractors the ability to improve the quality of their work, to ensure their customer’s satisfaction and to enhance their corporate image and prestige.


Allen Face Europe was founded by Allen Face and Noemi Nagy whose resumes are given below.

Allen Face – Chairman

Allen is the world’s foremost authority on floor profile specification and measurement.

Noémi Nagy – President

Noemi’s background is in Structural Engineering. Soon after finishing her studies, she developed a keen interest in concrete.

Miklós Vass – Executive Director

He has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry as a certified chief technical manager.

Katalin Szilágyi – Consultant

Katalin Szilagyi graduated in Civil Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME, Hungary) in 2005.

Javier de la Mata – Representative of Allen Face Europe LTD in Spain and Portugal

Representative of Allen Face Europe LTD in Spain and Portugal. mob.: +34 690 685 589, mail: ingeniero@ept.es

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